Thursday, December 13, 2012


Poor little man.  He had a temp tonight of 102.5.  I don't know if it's his ears again or if he has the crud that everyone in the state has.  He's also still trying to cut that sixth tooth.  It's so close!  Due to both of those issues he had a rough week with his sleep.  He's been waking up A LOT.  We know that he doesn't feel well so we've been rocking him back to sleep.  Poor fella.  Hopefully he'll feel better soon.  We're taking him back to the doctor in the morning.  They said if he had one more ear infection that we should get him tubes.  Eeek!  I know it's a very minor surgery but it's still scary!

Here are a few things about little man that I don't want to forget:
1. He loves Lexi.  He likes to share his cheerios with her.
2. He loves the theme song for Big Bang Theory.  He doesn't really care for TV but he will stop whatever he's doing when he hears that song.
3. He likes to do pull-ups on the towel bar. (He is definitely his father's son)
4. He is walking extremely well now.  He rarely ever crawls now.
5. He knows what "No" means but he will test me by inching closer and closer to whatever object I have told him not to touch.  He's so cute that it's hard not to laugh.
6. He still goes to sleep on the bottle and we're really nervous about transitioning him to a sippy cup.
7. He is learning to share.  He'll bring me his toys and stand there looking at me until I offer to give them back.


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