Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Three Words

Two. Year. Molars.

The two year molars are hitting our house hard!  Poor bud is a slobbering, gnawing, whining, rashy little boy.  He's not eating as much food but gnaws on his sweet, little fingers all day.  I got my finger back there last night and found some tiny mounds where they are trying to come in.  We're also dealing with nightly wake up calls.  Poor C, Poor Mommy and Poor Daddy.  The cherry on this sundae is that it can take 6-9 months for all four to push through. 6 - 9 MONTHS!!  This mom's going to need a vacay!

Three more words: Bleeding to death! 53 days and counting. I will not mention this again except for maybe a day count every now and then.  AND it's only so people who are considering an IUD will know what to expect.  I certainly was NOT expecting this!

Three more words: Happy New Year!!  We hope you have a wonderful 2014!

His first time meeting Santa!

He loves music and especially loved watching Katelyn play the guitar.

He loves his Jake sword!  He's saying "Yo Ho Let's Go!"


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Happy Birthday Jesus!  Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Opening his Santa presents

Action shot!  He loves his tee ball set and bike helmet!

Helping Sissy open one of her presents.

Great pic of Tristan and John

Happy about her glove!

I took this up close picture so you can see his eyes.  I still can't tell what color they are.  Depending on the light they are sometimes blue, green or brown.

This is one sweet boy!

He wouldn't take off his helmet for dinner.

Riding his new trike!

My monkey and me

Granna and Pop stopped by to see him

Then I took them out to the new home site.  The left side is bricked and now they're working on the right side.

Friday, December 20, 2013

We got an offer!

Phew!  It has been a busy 7 days!  John took Tristan to Ole Miss last weekend for a softball camp and they really liked her. The head coach asked to watch just her and one other catcher.  Hopefully they'll give her a scholarship! Friday night I went to the Pink concert and Christian spent the night with Granna and Pop.  They let him stay up until 10 PM so I'm sure he thought he was a rock star! He did pretty well with my mom sleeping in the bed with him.  Sunday I had brunch with my KPMG girls.  It was so much fun but I had to leave early.  I had only been there for about 30 minutes when I got a call from our real estate agent asking if the house could be shown at 12.  SO... Christian and I had to race home to clean the house! I was sad that I had to leave early but it turned out to be a good thing because we got an offer!! Yay!!!  We are still working out one small issue and I think we'll officially be under contract tomorrow!  Thank goodness!  While the house was being shown I took C to a parade.  He loved it but it was freezing (it was 0 degrees celcius Canadians!)

Isn't he so cute for the Christmas party.
Christian with Rhonda's sweet little boy, Peter.

After the parade.  He kept waving his hands at me and saying, "Hands cold, hands hurt."  Poor thing. 

Our new house is coming along nicely.  They have started bricking it!  They are still on track to be done around end of February.

John was sick for most of the week but seems to be feeling better now.  Thankfully he didn't give it to me or Christian.  Since he was sick he stayed home with Christian Wednesday night while I went to my company Christmas party.  I didn't get home until late so he had to put C to bed.  John said that he just rocked him for a few minutes and then C asked to get in his bed.  Then John sat in the chair and C went to sleep all by himself.  Are you kidding me???  It takes me an hour of rocking and holding and letting him cry a few minutes and then rocking him again! So we tried it again last night but it was a no go.  Apparently if I'm in the house he won't let John put him down.
He found some of his Christmas presents.  A helmet and a new bat. He was so excited!

Today I met my friend and her little girl (Rebecca and Emma) for lunch.  I haven't seen them in a while so it was a lot of fun.  We had beautiful weather today so we took C to the park after lunch.  Now John and Tristan are taking him to the zoo to see the Christmas lights.  Thank goodness I have a couple of hours to relax tonight! :)

Friday, December 13, 2013


I got an IUD on November 7th.  Now I know why women don't get pregnant with an IUD... I haven't stopped bleeding yet!  The procedure itself was pretty painful.  The doctor said, "You'll feel a cramp and then about a minute later you'll feel another cramp and then we'll be done."  Sounded easy enough.  The first cramp almost made me fall off the table.  The doctor and nurse looked at each other and then at me like I shouldn't be hurting that much.  The cramp did not subside either so when she said, "OK, here comes the second cramp" I said, "You mean it's going to hurt worse than it already does!?!"  YES!  It did!  I almost threw up.  After it was finally over (the whole thing took about 2 minutes but it felt like an eternity) she told me to lay there for a few minutes b/c I was looking a little green.  I felt a little green.  It was terrible!  I then cried just a few tears at the thought that we were definitely done.  There was no very slight chance that we would conceive a child.  Done.

I was a little embarrassed that it hurt me so much.  Maybe I'm not as tough as I thought!  BUT when I got home I did some research.  Apparently it hurts women who have never given birth A LOT more because the cervix has never been stretched.  So that made me feel a little better.  I cramped on and off for a few days and felt like I was about to start for about a week.  I was in full PMS mode that whole week... poor John. Now if we can just get the bleeding to stop we'll be all good.

Christian is spending the night with Granna and Pop tonight.  This is the first time in about a year so I hope he does well.  He slept through the night pretty consistently up until this week.  This week has been tough with him waking up at least once and sometimes twice.  AND he's still crying himself to sleep each night which is really hard.  I think it's time to go to a big boy bed but John isn't so sure.  I could lie down with him until he falls asleep and then if he wakes at night we'll just do that again.  It has to be better than what we're doing now!
Hit, Bat, Ball, Like Sissy




Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's The Most Wonderful Time

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  It's Christmas!  Christian's first Christmas where he is old enough to understand a few things.  It's also the most wonderful time with Christian.  He is at such a good age right now.  He's so sweet and happy.  We need this sweet, happy time sandwiched between the hard first year of life and the hard terrible twos and threes.  When he's throwing a tantrum and kicking and screaming on the floor, I'm going to remember this time with him.  He's the cutest!

He loves hats and helmets.  
 Below is what you'll find him doing 90% of the time if you come into our house.  He's playing with some sort of ball... soccer ball, football, tennis ball, baseball, golf ball... and any other ball.  He knows the difference and knows what he's supposed to do with each one.  He wakes up saying "bat, ball, like Sissy" and he goes to bed saying "bat, ball, like Sissy."  He loves his Sissy and wants to hit the ball like her.  He practices all day!  He can pretty consistently hit the ball with his bat.  I would say he hits it about 30-40% of the time.  That's pretty good for a kid who's not even two.  He has some good hand eye coordination.

My boys were all tuckered out after Thanksgiving Dinner.

Both the babies begging for food.

What happened to my sweet chunky monkey??  He's getting taller and thinning out.  So sad that his baby fat is going away!
We went by the new house this weekend and talked to the agent.  They have an estimated finish date of late February.  Yay!  There was a slight hiccup where we almost started over to build a different house.  That fell through so we're sticking with the house we're building.  Now we just have to sell this house!!!


Friday, November 29, 2013


We had a great Thanksgiving filled with love and laughter.  I am so blessed... well beyond what I deserve. 

With Granna and Pop

Sweetest boy

C has had a cold since Saturday.  Poor bud.  We went down to Pensacola to watch Tristan play softball.  (She hit a homerun!!)  It was super cold and windy so we didn't even go to the beach.  It was a bummer to drive all the way down there and not even step foot on the beach.  But it was great to see Tristan doing so well.  C's colds are tough though.  He hasn't had a stomach virus but a cold is just as bad.  He coughs so hard he throws up.  So he's snotty, crabby, doesn't sleep well, he gets bad diapers from the antibiotics (he also has an ear infection) and he throws up a lot.  It's the perfect storm of illness.  He seems to be feeling a little better today.

Today I tuned into the Christmas music while I was out shopping with C.  I heard the song that always makes me cry the first time I hear it.  It used to make me cry because I was longing for a child.  Now it makes me cry because I have that child!  So thankful!!

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas
Is you


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eating my words

***Mom - you'll want to get Julie to read this one.

I've learned many things since I have become a mother.  I've discovered feelings and emotions that I didn't even know existed.  I now also know how annoying it is for other people to give you unsolicited advice on how to raise your child.  So I should offer my sister an apology for the times I shook my finger in judgement.  Mom's are just doing the best they can.  I know that now.

It was so easy for me to say, "You shouldn't be sleeping in the bed with him" or "just let him cry."  At the time that all made perfect sense.  But now, when he's crying at night and begging for his mommy, I want nothing more than to run in there and curl up with him for the night.  Every thing that could possibly be wrong runs through my mind.  Is he hot, cold, thirsty, or hungry?  Does he have a dirty diaper or a tummy ache?  Did he have a bad dream?  If I was there beside him I would know.  We're wired as mothers to protect our children.  Up until a few hundred years ago mothers always slept with their babies to keep them warm and protect them from danger.  It's a fairly recent notion that we should sleep separately. So my instincts scream at me to go to my baby.  But my logical mind (and John) bring me back to what we need to do to keep sanity in our house.  C had gotten into a routine of waking up every night at midnight.  It was very rare that he slept the whole night.  So... several months ago John let C cry it out.  I say John because I had to sleep in a separate room with the door shut and some loud white noise.  I couldn't hear him begging and crying for me.  John said he cried for over an hour the first night.  It was 45 min the second night and 30 minutes the third.  After that he has been fairly consistent with sleeping through the night.  At bedtime I still rock him until he gets sleepy.  He puts his sweet little hands together and we say our prayers. Then I stop rocking and hold him until he falls asleep.  75% of the time he wakes up when I place him in the crib and then he cries for about 5-10 minutes.  I hope that stops soon.

Apart from the crying at night he is a super happy toddler.  He rarely ever cries.  If he does it's because he's really hurt, really tired, or REALLY wants a cookie.  But most of the time he's a bubbly little thing.  He loves to climb up on the furniture, jump off and then cackle with laughter.  He also loves to be chased and play hide and seek.

Sweet boy

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Until recently, Christian's vocabulary has been pretty limited.  The doctor said it's normal for a child to develop either physical skills or language skills quickly but then lag on the other.  C definitely developed his physical skills quickly so we have been patiently waiting on the talking.  The past two weeks have been astounding!  I picked him up from school one day this week and his teacher commented on it.  She said, "He was barely talking two weeks ago and today he said a full sentence."  He said, "Crosby went tee tee in the potty. Yay!"  That's a pretty long sentence for a kid who was barely talking a few weeks ago.  While I was watching a football game tonight I gasped and said "Unbelievable!"  He gasped and said "Umbeavable!"  Haha.  He's so stinking cute!  He will now typically try to say a word if I ask him to say it.  Occasionally I'll say, Can you say xyz?" and he'll say, "Yeah."  I don't know if he thinks he can't say it or if he's just tired of me asking him to say words or if he's really just telling me he can say it. 

Speaking of tee teeing in the potty.... He's doing ok with it.  He's no longer dry in the mornings when he wakes up so we're not putting him on the potty then.  I'll ask him when I'm changing his diaper if he wants to go and he says, "No."  So I'm not pushing it.  He's still pretty far away from being two.  It's super early to be trying to force him to go.  They put him on the potty every two hours at school but he rarely goes.  The only time he consistently goes in the potty is right before bath.  The whole time he's saying, "Choc! Choc!".. for chocolate.  He will now look at me and say tee tee or poo poo while pointing at his diaper.  So he knows when he's going which is big step. 

John was off on Monday so he took C and Tristan to the park for some pictures.  I was trying to get him to get a shot for the Christmas card.  We'll see if one makes the cut.  C really wasn't into it.

Christian got his first kiss.  This little girl walked right up and planted one on him.


Sunday, November 10, 2013


I started this blog for three reasons:
1. To update friends and family without having to talk about it.  I'm very open and fine with the family knowing all about our lives but I don't like to physically speak about our issues.  So this was a way to keep everyone informed without having to talk about it.
2.  As a record of what all we went through to get this miracle.  A dear reader made a comment reminding me of a post that I wrote two years ago.  I go back and read old posts all of the time.  When I'm tired or Christian is having a terrible twos moment I'll read an old post to remind me how much harder it used to be...  How empty I felt and the longing I had in my heart. It's a nice reminder of answered prayers.
3.  As a resource for other fertility challenged ladies.  I didn't know anyone other than my sister who had a hard time getting pregnant.   She was great but I had a lot of issues that she didn't have.  So I did a lot of research over my 4 1/2 years of trying.  Most of the information I found included studies and doctor speak.  I wanted to know what other women were experiencing but I couldn't find a lot of that kind of stuff at the time.  I think there's more of it now.  For example, I tried to find a picture of a bruise caused by a progesterone shot but I couldn't find anything.  Now there is one out there because I posted it!

As an added bonus it is an AWESOME way of documenting Christian's life.  When he is older he'll be able to read back through the posts and see how cute, sweet and loved he was!

House update: They are really coming along on the new house!  YAY!

John went to Georgia for the weekend to watch Tristan's tournament so Christian and I headed down to my parents for the day on Saturday.  This is one rare moment where C sat still.  He crawled up in the chair with my mom and got a cuddle.

Another dear reader asked if I would post a link to her story.  She was diagnosed with mesothelioma right after giving birth.  She beat cancer and is now raising awareness.  My dad was exposed to asbestos while working in a factory so I hope that he doesn't develop this horrible cancer.

Heather's video


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Guess Who Got a Haircut!

This guy!  We took him last Saturday for his first haircut.  He did really well! He only a cried a little right the end when she was cutting around his ears.

Yesterday we took C to the wooden train and on a short hike down the trail.  It was such a beautiful day!
Mommy with a sweet boy!

Look at that sweet face!


Family shot

Throwing leaves in the water.

Making his Dad proud

Crazy hair.
He was batman for Halloween

Ridin' the streets


Thursday, October 24, 2013

For Real Done

Since we decided to adopt I have heard from every person in the entire world, "Now you'll probably get pregnant."  I know everyone means well and it's a wonderful thing to think BUT it's really the exception to the rule.  Sure it happens fairly often but it definitely doesn't turn out that way more times that it does.  Still, I kept just a shred of hope that it may happen for us.  The first few months after C was born I was on the pill.  However, it wasn't working out and didn't seem to be helping with all of my issues and pain so I stopped taking them.  I have been patiently waiting to see if God would grant us another baby.  I was 99% sure that we wouldn't conceive but there has always been that 1%.  I didn't let myself think about the cycle or get too caught up in it.  There was one month where I even realized I was 5 days late!  I was one of THOSE women!  But, alas, pregnancy eludes me.  Now my doctor wants to either do a partial hysterectomy or an IUD.  Both of those options mean we're done.  FOR REAL DONE. There isn't even a slight glimmer of hope.  I'm ok though.  I'm ready.  Christian is everything I dreamed and hoped for and I'm thrilled that we were blessed with him.  He was and is more than enough to fill the hole in my heart.  I think we'll try the IUD first and see how it goes.  My doctor isn't sure that it will help as much as it helps some people but she's willing to give it a try.  A hysterectomy seems so OLD!  I just don't know if I'm ready for that yet.

They broke ground on our house this week!  YAY!  Here's a picture of the progress.

One of the moms in our new neighborhood organized a scavenger hunt.  These ladies are so much fun!  We had a great time!  She gave each child a piece of paper with a bunch of Halloween themed pictures on it and the kids had to run through the neighborhood finding them on the porches.  C was a little young for this but he quickly picked up on what the other kids were doing.  He would point to something and then put his paper on the ground and act like he was marking off the item just like the other kids were doing.  It was so stinking cute!


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