Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sweet Boy

Christian is protesting the second nap.  Therefore, he is exhausted by dinner.  I have been putting him to bed earlier and earlier.  Tonight he got his bottle at 6:50!  Poor Bud.  Hopefully he'll take a longer morning nap and take it a little later.  He's taking it at 10 now and will sleep for about an hour and a half.  That means he's up from 11:30ish until bedtime!  That's too long for this little monkey!
So tired... but still shoveling in cheerios.

I might just rest my head for a second...

 My parents got him this doggie for Christmas.  He loves it!  He especially loves for us to push him on it.  He hasn't quite gotten how to push himself yet.  I really don't see how anyone with a toddler could gain weight!  They are exhausting!  Wonderful... but exhausting!
Push me!!
 We borrowed this wagon from our neighbor.  He loves it even on a dreary day.  Too bad it's getting cold again tomorrow so no more wagon rides for a while!
Wagon ride
Christian is one brave little boy.  He laughs in the face of danger... however, we found his kryptonite.  It's a Christmas oven mitt.  Who knows why!!!  Every time we pull it out of the drawer he flinches and screams!  A scared scream.  It's really, really weird.  The oven mitt has seen its better days so it can definitely be thrown out; I just wonder what causes this reaction from him.
The evil oven mitt

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