Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1 year

I can't believe my sweet boy will be 1 tomorrow!  ONE!  I wasn't expecting to have so many emotions.  Of course, I thought I would be happy and excited.  I wasn't anticipating the sadness, guilt and heartache I would feel.  I can't imagine what his birth mother must be going through right now.  One year ago tomorrow she chose to let us parent her beautiful baby boy.  I am sure she will shed many, many tears tomorrow while we are celebrating and having fun.  It makes me wish that she had wanted an open adoption.  I would love to tell her what a smart, sweet, adorable, energetic, happy little boy he is.  However, I totally understand that she needed a clean break.  That's what she felt was best for her and I will respect it.

On to a brighter note, John's parents arrived on Saturday.  Christian already loves them to pieces.  He wouldn't even come to me when his Yia Yia was holding him this morning.  He's going to be spoiled rotten! Here's a cute picture of him with his Papou.

Major update:  Christian didn't wake up for his late night bottle last night.  He slept from 7pm - 6:30am for the first time ever!  Yay!  He had two dinners last night which may have been why.  When I came home at 4:30 his Yia Yia and Papou were giving him dinner.  They both looked at me and said the same thing, "He was hungry!"  They didn't have to tell me.  I know how hungry that little man is!  Then he ate again when we ate at 6:00pm.  We tried two dinners again tonight to see if it's the key.


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