Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Party! Party! Party!  Christian loved his party!

Hmmm... What's in here?
The spread


He wasn't sure about the icing.

Lexi was a little jealous

My sister with lil big man
Jessica getting some snuggles
He had his 12 month doctor's appt Friday.  His stats were:
     Weight = 27 lbs (94%)
     Height = 31 3/4 inches (92%)
     Six teeth (Seventh one is about to push through)

He is still a big boy.  Haha!  His doctor said that his growth will probably slow down over the next year and other kids will start catching up with him.  He loves his Yia Yia & Papou being here.  He follows Papou around trying to mimic everything he does.  He still has blue eyes.  The doctor said that if they're still blue at 15 months they'll probably stay blue.  We'll see... I still think they'll turn brown.


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