Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fun Fun

We went to Tuscaloosa this weekend and stayed with my parents.  Tristan's tournament was there so it worked out well.  She did great and John was one proud dad.  She had a triple that ended up winning one of the games.  She also gunned down at girl trying to steal 2nd base!  They ended up winning the tournament.
Christian is into everything these days.  When we were at my parents my dad put him inside a box.  Now he has been climbing inside them whenever he gets the chance. 
Boxes are fun
I call this one "Mama needs a glass of wine."

Cooking with Dad.
This past Sunday was gorgeous.  We took lil man outside and had a blast.  He loved throwing the tennis ball for Lexi.  He has also been doing better at school.  He only cried for a few seconds when John left him this morning.  Today and yesterday he didn't whine for me to hold him the second I walked in the door to get him.  He actually played for a few more seconds and then brought me a toy.  He's so sweet. 

He has started kissing when I ask for one.  It's a big, slobbery, open mouth kiss and it's wonderful.  He has also started screaming when he doesn't get what he wants the second he wants it.  That is not so cute.  It's not a cry or a whine, it's a scream.  He will walk up to the cabinet where I keep his cookies and scream at it.  Then he'll look at me and scream; then back to the cabinet and scream.  At least he's learning to communicate...

Please keep my dad in your prayers.  He was pretty sick when we were there this weekend.  He only has two more treatments and hopefully he'll be cancer free!



  1. Hey I am actually writing you in hopes that we could email or set up a phone date to talk about IVF...my hubby and I just found out that our only option of having children (besides God's divine power) is IVF. Do you have an email address?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sorry... posted the wrong address. You can email me at houston.jaime@gmail.com :)


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