Friday, March 22, 2013


Christian's verbal skills are taking off!  He can now say Mommy (mama), Daddy (daddy), Lexi (La La), Pop and Papou (Pa), Yia Yia (yaya), Bubbles (bubble), Balloon (boon), Bye Bye (buh buh), More (sounds the same as mama), Banana (nana), and Mum Mum (mumum).  He's so funny when he says mum mum.  He'll go over to the cabinet where I keep the mum mums and yell.  Then he turns around to make sure we're looking and makes the "more" sign while saying mumumum.  Haha.  The kid can eat.  I feel like he eats way more than the average child his age.  Yesterday for dinner he had:

2 slices of eggplant parmesan
1/2 container of diced carrots
1/2 slice of cheese
1/2 banana
1/4 of a peanut butter sandwich b/c he was still feverishly signing "more" at me
A graham cracker for dessert

Is that normal for a 13 month old?  I had to stop him too... he still wanted more.


He's a climber.  He's so proud of himself for getting on top of the coffee table.

He loves his slide that his Aunt Kristine and Uncle Dan got him.

He loves this toy leaf blower that blows Bubbles!
He loves to climb on everything!  He can now hold on to the rails of the stairs, step down on to the first step, turn himself around and crawl backwords down all of the stairs.  He blows me away with how independent he is.  A lot of kids his age still can't even walk and he has already mastered the stairs. 

He's had a pretty bad week at daycare.  I've picked him up early every day.  When John drops him off in the morning he has a meltdown.  On Monday and Tuesday his teachers said he was pretty upset for most of the day.  He was a little better throughout the day on Wednesday and Thursday but still having severe meltdowns in the morning.  He was a bit better this morning and pretty good throughout the day.  I hope this is just a phase and he'll do better next week.

I feel like I say this with every different stage but... This is my favorite age so far.  He's so curious, funny, and lively.  He understands almost everything we say to him now so we can tell him to "Get your milk and go sit in your chair" and he does it!  We giggled and giggled today because I was making a fish face at him and he was trying so hard to make one back at me.  He is so stinking cute!

Tuesday was my Dad's last chemo treatment! Woohoo!  Thanks to all who have been thinking of him and praying for him.  I know he's glad to be done!


Saturday, March 16, 2013


More...More... More!!  Christian has learned how to sign.  I wish we would have started it with him sooner.  However, it now haunts my dreams.  Every time I see the child he is feverishly signing "More!"  I have never seen a kid eat so much.  He won't even have his last bite in his mouth and he'll already start signing.  When I walk into his room in the morning he is signing it, while I'm changing his diaper he is signing it, and then when I put him down he'll run to his chair, point at it, and sign MORE.  Like I wasn't getting it! Haha! 

He is finally sleeping better.  We cut out his late night bottle two weeks ago and it wasn't as hard as we thought it would be.  This week,  he slept from 7:30pm - 6:00am four nights without waking!  The other few nights he woke up at 10 but went back down easily with a little cuddle.  I still give him a bottle to fall asleep at 7:30pm.  I'm having a hard time giving it up.  It's the only time that he lets me hold and rock him.  After he finishes, I roll him over so we're tummy to tummy and I love on that sweet boy.  When am I going to get that kind of love when we drop that last bottle?? 

He loves this dog!  He's such a monkey. Look at his hair.

Another beautiful day so we took him on a walk to the park.  He was too cute in his hat and sunglasses.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Beautiful Day

Today was beautiful!  We went to church where lil man danced and clapped to the music.  Then we were going to go to brunch with Jessica for her birthday but lil man fell asleep on the way there.  This time change has thrown him off his schedule.  He seems to be feeling a good bit better.  He has a bit of a crusty nose and a cough but he pretty much keeps that anyway.  I went to the doctor Friday and had a throat infection and pink eye.  How on earth did I get pink eye but  not from Christian?  How is it that I catch anything and everything?  Maybe I should start taking better care of myself...

Here are some pictures from today.  He's such a sweet boy!

Cool man in his sunglasses

Swinging with Mommy

Clapping for Lexi
Bringing Mommy a stick.
My little monkey climbing on his dog.  He was standing up with no hands, but I couldn't get to the camera in time.

Get excited Canada!!  It looks like Christian will be making a visit at then end of June/beginning of July!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sick again

Christian is sick again.  Poor bud.  He has a snotty nose and cough.  We kept him home yesterday and his Granna came up to spoil him.  It was also his 13 month birthday!  He celebrated it by sleeping 11 hours straight!  Granna must have worn him out! Yay!!

He is a little copy cat these days.  He wants to do everything we do.  If I blow on his food b/c I think it's a little too warm, he blows on the food before he puts it in his mouth.  If I stir something in a bowl, he has to have a spoon and bowl so he can pretend to stir.  He's so cute!

This morning he was dragging a pot around and took a tumble.  He busted his eye and scratched his face.  John didn't realize it was so bad b/c he barely cried.  He's such a tough cookie.

My Dads birthday was Tuesday.  Happy Birthday Daddy!


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