Saturday, March 16, 2013


More...More... More!!  Christian has learned how to sign.  I wish we would have started it with him sooner.  However, it now haunts my dreams.  Every time I see the child he is feverishly signing "More!"  I have never seen a kid eat so much.  He won't even have his last bite in his mouth and he'll already start signing.  When I walk into his room in the morning he is signing it, while I'm changing his diaper he is signing it, and then when I put him down he'll run to his chair, point at it, and sign MORE.  Like I wasn't getting it! Haha! 

He is finally sleeping better.  We cut out his late night bottle two weeks ago and it wasn't as hard as we thought it would be.  This week,  he slept from 7:30pm - 6:00am four nights without waking!  The other few nights he woke up at 10 but went back down easily with a little cuddle.  I still give him a bottle to fall asleep at 7:30pm.  I'm having a hard time giving it up.  It's the only time that he lets me hold and rock him.  After he finishes, I roll him over so we're tummy to tummy and I love on that sweet boy.  When am I going to get that kind of love when we drop that last bottle?? 

He loves this dog!  He's such a monkey. Look at his hair.

Another beautiful day so we took him on a walk to the park.  He was too cute in his hat and sunglasses.


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