Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sick again

Christian is sick again.  Poor bud.  He has a snotty nose and cough.  We kept him home yesterday and his Granna came up to spoil him.  It was also his 13 month birthday!  He celebrated it by sleeping 11 hours straight!  Granna must have worn him out! Yay!!

He is a little copy cat these days.  He wants to do everything we do.  If I blow on his food b/c I think it's a little too warm, he blows on the food before he puts it in his mouth.  If I stir something in a bowl, he has to have a spoon and bowl so he can pretend to stir.  He's so cute!

This morning he was dragging a pot around and took a tumble.  He busted his eye and scratched his face.  John didn't realize it was so bad b/c he barely cried.  He's such a tough cookie.

My Dads birthday was Tuesday.  Happy Birthday Daddy!


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