Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beach Vacay!

We loaded up Thursday night and took little man down to the beach.  My parents and sister were down there too so we all had some great family time.  My parents watched Christian and Austin Friday night so we could go to dinner with Julie and Phillip.  Dinner was delish and the company wasn't half bad either. ;) 

Christian had so much fun hanging with Pop and Granna all weekend.  He loved playing outside with them and riding in their wagon.  He also let my dad rock him to sleep Friday night.  There's nothing like having that sweet boy crawl up in your lap and fall asleep.  It's the only time he'll let you hold him for more than 3 seconds. 

He loves to play in the dirt so we thought that he would LOVE the beach.  However, he had the opposite response and HATED the beach.  Poor thing!  He cried the second we put his feet in the sand.  We're not sure why... Maybe because he couldn't walk on it. 
How pitiful
Luckily, we brought this tent so he didn't cry the entire time we were at the beach.

He was getting sleepy here but he's still too cute.

He's learning to drink from a glass.  He was so proud of himself.

I have a funny story to tell that happened when we got home.  It involves poop so if you don't appreciate a good poop story:
1. Don't have a child :)
2. Stop reading now

When we got home I noticed that he had a stinky diaper.  I have a mat in the living room so I can change him without having to lug him all the way back up to his room. I got his diaper off and cleaned him up.  He had been sitting for 4 1/2 hours so I decided he could run around for a minute or two before I rediapered him.  Well... that didn't work out so well.  He squatted in the middle of my living room and decided to finish his business.  I quickly stuck my hand under his hiney so he wouldn't poop on the carpet.  (This is a for real mommy moment!)  I slung it onto the mat and tried to wrangle him up with the clean hand.  The boy is super strong so he was very hard to manage.  So, of course, he stepped on the poop.  Then he stepped on my leg.  I picked him up and ran him to the bathroom.  Once we got to the kitchen I heard another plop.  Oh yes... more poop.  Poop everywhere.  This is finally when John walked into the room.  I was washing Christian's foot in the sink, I had no pants on and I was yelling at him "Don't step in the poop!"  Ahhh.... the joys of parenthood!  Who would have thought that the germaphobe, neat freak would have gone through this series of events and still keep cool?  It wasn't the most glamorous moment of my life but it sure was funny. 



  1. Ha funny! Nothing like a good poop story to end my day with. :)

  2. Love the poop story!! :). Haven't had that happen...yet.

  3. Hey Lady--It's McCain. I clean up poop all the time, although it's of the canine variety. Glad everyone else is getting in on the fun. Your story was a bit more dramatic than I've experienced in a while, though. I am super impressed by you reaching out to catch! :)


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