Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ear Infection, Birthday and a State Championship

The title of this post sums up the past week and a half.  Tristan's team went to the State Championship last week and came in 3rd! Yay!  She has worked so hard with this team and I know she's glad to have a break from it.  Her travel ball team doesn't quite work her as hard.  She has her first tournament this weekend with her travel ball team but they're going to let her play 3rd base to rest her legs.

On Sunday Christian wasn't eating which is VERY unlike him.  He was still running around and acting normal so I didn't think much of it.  That afternoon I was hugging him and smacking his cheeks and noticed he felt very hot.  I took his temp and it was 103.5!  We called the doctor and they said to watch him over the night and bring him in if it gets higher or if he starts acting lethargic.  He did fine the rest of the night and his temp was 101 Monday morning.  That also happened to be John's birthday!  They stayed home and got some much needed Daddy/Son time. He was great all day and seemed normal with no fever.  We sent him to school Tuesday but they called me in the afternoon saying that he was inconsolably crying.  I booked it over to the school and found him sleeping in his teacher's lap.  Poor bud.  He lifted his sweet head up, gave me the most pitiful face and laid his back down.  He wouldn't even stand up. We went to the doctor and he had an ear infection.  This is the first ear infection since his tubes.  His ear is now leaking all kinds of gunk and it turned to blood today.  The nurse said that it's common and not to worry.  Ha... don't worry.  Right!  He still isn't eating so we're finding out what most other parents have gone through by 15 months.  It's tough!  It doesn't seem to be affecting his growth though because he was 29.8 lbs yesterday.  He gained another pound in the past two weeks and he has barely been eating since Sunday!

John's birthday pancakes

This was Sunday right after I noticed his fever.  He doesn't look sick to me!

He climbs on EVERYTHING now!  And he's so proud of himself.

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