Friday, May 3, 2013

Spoon fed

My sweet baby is getting older by the second.  And with each second he gets more and more independent.  This is a video of him feeding himself with a spoon.  Soon he won't need his mommy at all!  Sniff... Sniff...

C picks up physical milestones so quickly!  It is AMAZING!  This video shows only the third time he has tried to feed himself with a spoon.  And when I see videos of other babies learning to walk it astonishes me.  C pretty much just stood up and walked one day.  There was only a very short time of "cruising" around the furniture.  And he was so steady.  His speech is a different story.  We're working on adding more words.  Most of his words begin with the "b" sound.  Ball, block, bye, BITE... but he doesn't finish the word.  He just makes the "b" sound and points to the object.  The exception being "bite" which he yells at the top of his lungs! Haha!  We're working on annunciation.

I also want to mention how much I appreciate the comments people leave.  Ultimately, I write this blog so C can look back one day and see how much he was wanted, cherished and loved!  The fact that I may have helped someone along the way is an added bonus.  When I was struggling with infertility I read a lot of blogs and message boards looking for someone who was feeling what I was feeling.  It makes me happy that I can be that for someone else now.

Finally, we have some exciting news!!!  Christian has a new cousin!!  Congrats to Chris and Stella!


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