Sunday, June 23, 2013


Poor C must taste delicious.  He just keeps getting bitten at school.  Last week he was bitten on the face!  On the FACE!  My poor baby!
His poor nose

And his poor arm.

His school is upsetting me about it because I feel like they're trying to blame it on him.  They say that he's taking other kid's toys.  Of course he shouldn't be taking other's toys but I don't think that warrants a bite on the face! His teachers are keeping a better eye on him but I feel like they're starting to consider him a "problem child."  He is definitely a rough and tumble boy but he is NOT a problem child.  He's so sweet.  He just needs a little guidance.

Today Tristan came over to spend some time with the boys.  She's leaving for the beach tomorrow and we're leaving for Canada on Thursday so we won't see her for a while.  They played outside a while and she helped give C a bath.  They seemed to have a great time.  

My parents kept him for the night last night. I needed some time to get everything ready for our trip and they wanted to spend some time with him.  They had a great time together.  They let him have sweet tea for the first time and M&Ms.  And they wondered why he wouldn't fall asleep until 10pm!  I'm so grateful that my parents wanted to spend time with him and John and I got to have a little alone time. 



  1. That's crazy they think its his fault!! At this age, kids ALWAYS take toys from other kids...they are learning.. Everything is "mine"... John still takes things from Jenna... That makes me mad for you!! I know your inner momma bear was about to explode!! Christian sounds like John....Johns last week at school he was bitten twice...if he continued over the summer I'm sure he would have been bitten more....Argg....hope it gets better for him!!

  2. I saw the title of this blog and thought you were about to post some new yummy recipe :)
    I hope things get better too! I dont understand how biting can be acceptable under any circumstances with these kiddos!


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