Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Day at the Farm

Sunday we went to the farm to hang out with Julie, Phillip and Austin.  It was a lot of fun!  I learned how to shoot our gun (I'm a pretty good shot too), I caught a fish (which made me feel terrible), and we rode on all of their toys.  They have a dune-buggy, a four wheeler and a ranger tractor.

It was great day up until we were about to leave.  Austin rode his dune-buggy one more time and ended up flipping it.  He broke his arm.  We were 30 minutes from the nearest hospital and Phillip still had to load up all of those vehicles.  So we put in the passenger seat of my car and Julie, Christian and John all rode in the back.  It was a full car.  Poor Austin was in a lot of pain.  He had it set yesterday and will be in a cast for a while.  I hope he feels better soon!

Teaching C to fish

Shooting... stay back!

Such a sweet boy driving his tractor

Cool Dude!

Austin after having his arm set

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


C is not cutting 6 teeth... he's cutting 8!  Poor baby.  All of those teeth are now affecting his bottom.  He's pooping 4-6 times/day!  When I picked him up from school on Tuesday he was crying and wouldn't walk to me.  He cried harder when I picked him up and even harder when I sat him in his carseat to go home.  His teacher said his bottom was red but I didn't think that would be causing all of the crying.  When I got him home his poor bottom was terrible!  No wonder he was crying so much!  He wouldn't even walk the rest of the night. He just laid on me and watched tv which you know means he was hurting!  The boy never sits still!  I stayed home with him today so I could give him some TLC.  It's still pretty red but he's walking again so I think it's getting better.  He's been nude for most of the day and I haven't been using wipes.  I just throw him in the tub and rinse him off.

My brother was in town last week and left on Saturday.  It was nice having him home.  Tristan is in California for softball.  They went on Saturday and come back this Saturday.  She's been doing really well but her team lost today and they're out of the tournament.  I know she wanted to win but it'll be nice for them to explore California for a few days.
Playing in the water.  This shirt cracks me up.

C with Granna & Pop


Saturday, July 13, 2013


C has passed quite a few milestones recently: 

1. He is cutting six teeth!  All four molars and two more in the front. 
2. He said his first sentence... "Let's Go!"
3. He woke up with a dry diaper over the past few days so we got him a potty.  Last night he peed in the potty! Yay!
4. He started a new class at school.  He seems to like it a lot better.  They have outdoor water time!  He loves to play in the water!
5. He has his 3rd communion tomorrow. Praying he does well!

We went to the beach while we were in Canada.  He still doesn't like it.

But he does like to blow bubbles in the water.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tasty... In a good way

Oh my!!!  I know the last time I posted with a "Tasty" title it was delivering not so great news (Christian being bitten at school.) But now it's a good post!! The eating never stops around here!  I looked down the other day and saw a very prominent pooch.  EEEK!  But the food is soooo good!  How am I to turn down cookies, brownies, boston cream pie, canolis, strawberry cake or carrot cake muffins... Yia Yia has definitely been catering to my sweet tooth.  And Christian has been eating at every turn.  I don't know how his school is going to deal with him on Wednesday.  He'll be crying for food all day!

We have had a great week with friends and family.  It has flown by and I can't believe we're headed home after tomorrow.  Today Christian had his second communion (he should have 3 so we'll have the third when we get home) and then we had a large family gathering for the afternoon. 

Daddy and C riding on a fire truck at the park.

Chris and Stella's baby - Baby Filippos.  He's so sweet!

The kiddos and me!
John has decided that he doesn't want to cut C's hair.  His exact words were "I'll shave the head of anyone who cuts his hair." So it looks like we'll have a long haired baby for a little longer.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Officially Greek

Guess who is officially Greek....
This guy!!
 He did really well up until the part where he was handed to the priest for the dunking.  Then he unleashed his fury!  After the dunking we took him over to the table to get him dressed in all white.  These clothes are supposed to be pure... never washed and never worn.  So of course that's where he decided to start gagging. I just knew he was going to throw up all over his pure outfit.
The box.  This had all of the essentials for the baptism. 

His godfamily

His godparents

During the ceremony. 

Right before the dunking

After the ceremony.  The whole family

This is a Greek child if I have ever seen one!  .
Thanks to all who made his baptism so special!


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