Wednesday, July 24, 2013


C is not cutting 6 teeth... he's cutting 8!  Poor baby.  All of those teeth are now affecting his bottom.  He's pooping 4-6 times/day!  When I picked him up from school on Tuesday he was crying and wouldn't walk to me.  He cried harder when I picked him up and even harder when I sat him in his carseat to go home.  His teacher said his bottom was red but I didn't think that would be causing all of the crying.  When I got him home his poor bottom was terrible!  No wonder he was crying so much!  He wouldn't even walk the rest of the night. He just laid on me and watched tv which you know means he was hurting!  The boy never sits still!  I stayed home with him today so I could give him some TLC.  It's still pretty red but he's walking again so I think it's getting better.  He's been nude for most of the day and I haven't been using wipes.  I just throw him in the tub and rinse him off.

My brother was in town last week and left on Saturday.  It was nice having him home.  Tristan is in California for softball.  They went on Saturday and come back this Saturday.  She's been doing really well but her team lost today and they're out of the tournament.  I know she wanted to win but it'll be nice for them to explore California for a few days.
Playing in the water.  This shirt cracks me up.

C with Granna & Pop


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