Thursday, August 15, 2013


We have some exciting news!!!  We bought a lot and are building a house!  Yay!  We are putting our house on the market tomorrow and hopefully it will sell by our estimated closing date of March 2014.  Our realtor came up this week and staged the house.  It's so weird to have everything in different places but it did open up the rooms and makes it seem much bigger.  She also suggested that we paint the house so we're getting someone in to do that soon.  We have done sooo much work to the house and we're ready to get it listed and SOLD!

Christian is doing well and seems to finally be over his pooping issues.  He has his 18 month doctor's appt tomorrow and just in time.  He has another ear infection.  Poor bud. 

Tristan is doing well and getting ready for school to start.  She decided that she doesn't want to go to her high school anymore so she is switching this year.  She didn't really fit in with the kids at her old school and her softball coach was not the best.  Hopefully she'll be happier!

My mom's b'day was last Saturday.  Happy Birthday Granna!

Push ups

With Austin

Eating ice cream. Yum!

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