Monday, August 26, 2013


We have been crazy busy around the Z household.  We have had three showings for the house but no offers.  I'm ok with that.  I would rather not have to live in an apartment for 5 months while our house is being built.  John is currently (9:00pm) painting the deck.  He worked on it all day yesterday and said he'll still have to work on it every night this week.  Poor thing. 
We took C over to see Tristan on Saturday.  She moved into a new house and it's really nice.  We hope they like it there.  It's a lot farther from us but it's worth it if she's happy.
I got bangs!

I thought this was so cute.  Lexi usually sits up here but he decided it needed to be his perch for the moment.

He's a big boy now and will only eat his banana the way that we do.

Such a cutie.
We are still doing really well with the night time routine.  I like that I still get to rock him to sleep at night.  He's so sweet when he says "night. night."  Then he snuggles up and I kiss his sweet cheeks.  I cherish these special moments.  I know very soon he's going to be too grown up for his mama's snuggles.


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