Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Mountains

We took a family trip to the mountains this past weekend.  It was a full family trip... my parents, my brother, his wife, my sister, her husband, and Austin.  We had a great time!

This picture makes me laugh! 

Family Photo

Riding with Daddy in a vintage car

Napping in Dollywood.  Poor bud missed the train ride.
Lil man started a new class yesterday.  They will start potty training him in this class.  He's getting to be such a big boy!  He's doing well in there so far and seems to like the teachers.  He LOVED one of his old teachers, Mrs. Ruby.  When John dropped him off in the mornings C would run in and hug her.  And when we say our prayers at night and tell everyone good night he says "night night Ruby."  Well... Mrs. Ruby retired on Friday (sniff, sniff) so I'm really glad they moved him up so he wouldn't ask for her all day in his old class.


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