Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Big Boy

My big boy becomes a bigger boy everyday.  He wants to do everything for himself.  From climbing up into his high chair, to walking up the stairs, to being completely self sufficient when feeding himself, to buckling the car seat belt to sliding down the big boy slide.  My sweet baby is a full fledged kiddo now. sigh. 

 My mom came to help out on Sunday because I was feeling a little under the weather.  They had a GREAT time.  I have some really cute video of them playing and laughing but it's a little too big to post.

He's doing great in his new class.  He just walks right in without a peep.  He's been having some sleep issues over the past few weeks.  He wakes up between midnight and 1am every night.  So John decided to let him cry it out Monday night.  It took an hour but he finally went back to sleep.  Last night it took 40 min so hopefully tonight it will be shorter.  I have to shut my door and turn on a sound machine.  I can't handle it!  It kills me!

Tristan had a great tournament this past weekend.  She hit her first ever walk off homerun!  The game was in double overtime and her homerun won the game!  So proud!


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