Thursday, October 24, 2013

For Real Done

Since we decided to adopt I have heard from every person in the entire world, "Now you'll probably get pregnant."  I know everyone means well and it's a wonderful thing to think BUT it's really the exception to the rule.  Sure it happens fairly often but it definitely doesn't turn out that way more times that it does.  Still, I kept just a shred of hope that it may happen for us.  The first few months after C was born I was on the pill.  However, it wasn't working out and didn't seem to be helping with all of my issues and pain so I stopped taking them.  I have been patiently waiting to see if God would grant us another baby.  I was 99% sure that we wouldn't conceive but there has always been that 1%.  I didn't let myself think about the cycle or get too caught up in it.  There was one month where I even realized I was 5 days late!  I was one of THOSE women!  But, alas, pregnancy eludes me.  Now my doctor wants to either do a partial hysterectomy or an IUD.  Both of those options mean we're done.  FOR REAL DONE. There isn't even a slight glimmer of hope.  I'm ok though.  I'm ready.  Christian is everything I dreamed and hoped for and I'm thrilled that we were blessed with him.  He was and is more than enough to fill the hole in my heart.  I think we'll try the IUD first and see how it goes.  My doctor isn't sure that it will help as much as it helps some people but she's willing to give it a try.  A hysterectomy seems so OLD!  I just don't know if I'm ready for that yet.

They broke ground on our house this week!  YAY!  Here's a picture of the progress.

One of the moms in our new neighborhood organized a scavenger hunt.  These ladies are so much fun!  We had a great time!  She gave each child a piece of paper with a bunch of Halloween themed pictures on it and the kids had to run through the neighborhood finding them on the porches.  C was a little young for this but he quickly picked up on what the other kids were doing.  He would point to something and then put his paper on the ground and act like he was marking off the item just like the other kids were doing.  It was so stinking cute!



  1. I recently found your blog on Pinterest. It's been wonderful to read. My husband and I will be staring IVF soon with an ED - known. " the it will just happen when you least expect it" "jut wait it will be your turn soon enough" are really not Compliments or hopefully thoughts. It's very painful to hear. Do I ope I am that 1%, Yes!

  2. I also know that I am 99% not, as much I as want to be hopefully I don't need to hear that it will happen, I know you will be one of those people. I almost find it heartbreaking. I don't need the reminder of infertility from everyone I think about it enough on my own. I am so glad I found your blog it was wonderful to read over the weekend as I am starting this journey.


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