Sunday, November 10, 2013


I started this blog for three reasons:
1. To update friends and family without having to talk about it.  I'm very open and fine with the family knowing all about our lives but I don't like to physically speak about our issues.  So this was a way to keep everyone informed without having to talk about it.
2.  As a record of what all we went through to get this miracle.  A dear reader made a comment reminding me of a post that I wrote two years ago.  I go back and read old posts all of the time.  When I'm tired or Christian is having a terrible twos moment I'll read an old post to remind me how much harder it used to be...  How empty I felt and the longing I had in my heart. It's a nice reminder of answered prayers.
3.  As a resource for other fertility challenged ladies.  I didn't know anyone other than my sister who had a hard time getting pregnant.   She was great but I had a lot of issues that she didn't have.  So I did a lot of research over my 4 1/2 years of trying.  Most of the information I found included studies and doctor speak.  I wanted to know what other women were experiencing but I couldn't find a lot of that kind of stuff at the time.  I think there's more of it now.  For example, I tried to find a picture of a bruise caused by a progesterone shot but I couldn't find anything.  Now there is one out there because I posted it!

As an added bonus it is an AWESOME way of documenting Christian's life.  When he is older he'll be able to read back through the posts and see how cute, sweet and loved he was!

House update: They are really coming along on the new house!  YAY!

John went to Georgia for the weekend to watch Tristan's tournament so Christian and I headed down to my parents for the day on Saturday.  This is one rare moment where C sat still.  He crawled up in the chair with my mom and got a cuddle.

Another dear reader asked if I would post a link to her story.  She was diagnosed with mesothelioma right after giving birth.  She beat cancer and is now raising awareness.  My dad was exposed to asbestos while working in a factory so I hope that he doesn't develop this horrible cancer.

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