Friday, November 29, 2013


We had a great Thanksgiving filled with love and laughter.  I am so blessed... well beyond what I deserve. 

With Granna and Pop

Sweetest boy

C has had a cold since Saturday.  Poor bud.  We went down to Pensacola to watch Tristan play softball.  (She hit a homerun!!)  It was super cold and windy so we didn't even go to the beach.  It was a bummer to drive all the way down there and not even step foot on the beach.  But it was great to see Tristan doing so well.  C's colds are tough though.  He hasn't had a stomach virus but a cold is just as bad.  He coughs so hard he throws up.  So he's snotty, crabby, doesn't sleep well, he gets bad diapers from the antibiotics (he also has an ear infection) and he throws up a lot.  It's the perfect storm of illness.  He seems to be feeling a little better today.

Today I tuned into the Christmas music while I was out shopping with C.  I heard the song that always makes me cry the first time I hear it.  It used to make me cry because I was longing for a child.  Now it makes me cry because I have that child!  So thankful!!

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas
Is you


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