Saturday, November 16, 2013


Until recently, Christian's vocabulary has been pretty limited.  The doctor said it's normal for a child to develop either physical skills or language skills quickly but then lag on the other.  C definitely developed his physical skills quickly so we have been patiently waiting on the talking.  The past two weeks have been astounding!  I picked him up from school one day this week and his teacher commented on it.  She said, "He was barely talking two weeks ago and today he said a full sentence."  He said, "Crosby went tee tee in the potty. Yay!"  That's a pretty long sentence for a kid who was barely talking a few weeks ago.  While I was watching a football game tonight I gasped and said "Unbelievable!"  He gasped and said "Umbeavable!"  Haha.  He's so stinking cute!  He will now typically try to say a word if I ask him to say it.  Occasionally I'll say, Can you say xyz?" and he'll say, "Yeah."  I don't know if he thinks he can't say it or if he's just tired of me asking him to say words or if he's really just telling me he can say it. 

Speaking of tee teeing in the potty.... He's doing ok with it.  He's no longer dry in the mornings when he wakes up so we're not putting him on the potty then.  I'll ask him when I'm changing his diaper if he wants to go and he says, "No."  So I'm not pushing it.  He's still pretty far away from being two.  It's super early to be trying to force him to go.  They put him on the potty every two hours at school but he rarely goes.  The only time he consistently goes in the potty is right before bath.  The whole time he's saying, "Choc! Choc!".. for chocolate.  He will now look at me and say tee tee or poo poo while pointing at his diaper.  So he knows when he's going which is big step. 

John was off on Monday so he took C and Tristan to the park for some pictures.  I was trying to get him to get a shot for the Christmas card.  We'll see if one makes the cut.  C really wasn't into it.

Christian got his first kiss.  This little girl walked right up and planted one on him.


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