Friday, December 13, 2013


I got an IUD on November 7th.  Now I know why women don't get pregnant with an IUD... I haven't stopped bleeding yet!  The procedure itself was pretty painful.  The doctor said, "You'll feel a cramp and then about a minute later you'll feel another cramp and then we'll be done."  Sounded easy enough.  The first cramp almost made me fall off the table.  The doctor and nurse looked at each other and then at me like I shouldn't be hurting that much.  The cramp did not subside either so when she said, "OK, here comes the second cramp" I said, "You mean it's going to hurt worse than it already does!?!"  YES!  It did!  I almost threw up.  After it was finally over (the whole thing took about 2 minutes but it felt like an eternity) she told me to lay there for a few minutes b/c I was looking a little green.  I felt a little green.  It was terrible!  I then cried just a few tears at the thought that we were definitely done.  There was no very slight chance that we would conceive a child.  Done.

I was a little embarrassed that it hurt me so much.  Maybe I'm not as tough as I thought!  BUT when I got home I did some research.  Apparently it hurts women who have never given birth A LOT more because the cervix has never been stretched.  So that made me feel a little better.  I cramped on and off for a few days and felt like I was about to start for about a week.  I was in full PMS mode that whole week... poor John. Now if we can just get the bleeding to stop we'll be all good.

Christian is spending the night with Granna and Pop tonight.  This is the first time in about a year so I hope he does well.  He slept through the night pretty consistently up until this week.  This week has been tough with him waking up at least once and sometimes twice.  AND he's still crying himself to sleep each night which is really hard.  I think it's time to go to a big boy bed but John isn't so sure.  I could lie down with him until he falls asleep and then if he wakes at night we'll just do that again.  It has to be better than what we're doing now!
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  1. I have also heard its a lot more painful and difficult if you have not given birth. I have heard its rough for a bit, but its better after a few months and then a year its like nothing. Good luck!! Hopefully just a rough little while then you will be good.


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