Saturday, January 25, 2014

Long Haired Jaime

It never fails.  When I have short hair, I want long hair... when I have long hair, I want short hair.  So I wrote myself a letter as a reminder while I had long hair.

Dear short haired Jaime,

Our long hair does not look like the super models in the magazines.  By now you're probably longing for those extended tresses but remember that our hair is not like that.  When our hair is long it is thin and stringy with split ends.  You wear it in a ponytail 90% of the time because of the static.  Most of the time you don't dry it completely so it has an awful, humpy wave in the back.  You never curled or straightened it because there is no time for such things with a toddler.  If this doesn't make you feel better... it will grow back.

Long haired Jaime

Short haired Jaime has a response:

Dear long haired Jaime,

Stop cutting your hair!!!  Our short hair wants to curl out at the end making us look like Carol Brady!  So stop it!

Short haired Jaime

The house is coming along.  It's starting to look like a home!
The driveway has been poured

Cabinets are in

Sliding with Daddy

So excited that he's finally old enough to watch my favorite movie!  Finding Nemo!


  1. Haha this post cracks me up! Love the pictures of the house!

  2. You are hilarious and every girl in the world feels the same way about her hair! :) Love, McCain!

  3. I just remind my self that you have to 'do' short hair. with long hair, you can just put it in a pony tail. If mine is too short, its work every morning. No one wants that.

  4. You are adorable either way.


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