Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crazy Weather

Man... the weather has been crazy in Alabama!  We went from shut-the-city-down snow to T-shirt/shorts to shut-the-city-down snow again to T-shirt/shorts AGAIN in about a 3 week time frame.  Christian and I are both sick and I’m blaming it on the 50 degree weather fluctuations!
Catching snow flakes as they just started to fall
This past weekend was lovely so we got to play outside a good bit.  We went to a birthday party Sunday that was in an old firehouse gym.  C acted like he has never seen a ball.  He went crazy for a solid hour and a half.  He was sick so I tried to slow him down to drink some juice/water a few times when he would start coughing/wheezing.  He would take one sip and be off again.  He wouldn’t even stop for cake!  I guess I need to find a gym close to us that will let little man play!
Playing ball with Daddy

The BIG slide at the party.  Those are his legs at the top.
 Our house is almost complete!  We bought a new fridge yesterday and scheduled for it to be delivered on 2/28! Yikes!  Only 9 days until closing!  I am nervous and excited and a little sad and a bunch of other emotions.  I hope C likes his new home and I hope I don’t regret moving so far out!  We will be within walking distance of the neighborhood pool and playground so hopefully the summers will be fun!
The new house!

We got him a guitar for his birthday.  He loves it!

My sister, brother in law, and nephew got him this four wheeler for his birthday!  He wants to ride it every day!

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