Friday, February 7, 2014


Can you believe our sweet boy is two!!  It doesn't seem like it was two years ago that we welcomed him into the world!  He is such a blessing and a joy.

Watching Bubble Guppies while sitting in a bucket.  That's what people do.

Man... I'm already two!

The ladies man.

He had his two year check up today.  She said he's doing great and clearly advanced.  Well clearly!  Here are his stats:

Weight - 32lbs 12 oz = 92nd percentile
Height - 36.5 inches = 94th percentile

He's back on the charts but still a big boy.  He has lost most of his baby fat though.  He's just solid.

He now speaks in full sentences and I understand most of what he says.  He can count to 16 and can "help" me sing the ABCs.  He says "Help Mommy sing."  He really just hums along and then says P, R, S, X and Z. He is so sweet and says "please" and "thank you" all of the time.  He also tells me, "I ub you Mommy."  Melts my heart!  He LOVES the show Bubble Guppies. He wakes up talking about it, on the way home from school it's "watch bubble guppies" and before bed.  So... we are having a Bubble Guppy themed birthday party on Sunday.  Can't wait!


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