Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Getting Excited

Guess who's coming to town... Yia Yia and Papou!  They come in on Monday and we can hardly contain our excitement!

Christian is doing well with the new neighborhood and asks to go to the park every single day on the way home.  I give in most days but some days it's still a little too chilly.  Yesterday he had a rough time after school and wore me out.  It ended with him crying so hard he puked.  And what was this terrible thing I did that made him throw such a fit??? I told him he had to wear a hat to go outside.  I'm so evil! Then today he was the sweetest thing.  The moods of a two year old.  

He loves his big boy bed.  He just doesn't sleep all night.  He still wakes up almost every night and John has to go in there and lie down with him.  Thankfully he goes right back to sleep.  I still lie down with him to get him to go to sleep.  I love that time with him.  Tonight he asked me to rock him like a baby.  So sweet.  Then we talked about friends.  I asked him if his teachers were his friends and he said yeah.  Then I went through a whole list of people to which he responded yeah.  UNTIL we got to Pop and he said NO.  Then he laughed and laughed.  Watch out Pop.  You're on C's naughty list.
Rocker Dude

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It doesn't take a degree in physics to figure out where that yellow ball is headed.  Granna hit poor C in the face.  Don't worry, he was fine.
 C is really coming along with his potty training.  Maybe a little too much... he tries to poop every time he gets on the potty.  Therefore, he pooped 6 times in the potty today.  I tried to explain that he doesn't have to poop every time!
Big Boy Undies!

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