Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Settling In

We have officially been in the new house for over two weeks now.  We have unpacked most everything but we have a ton of stuff to buy.  We gave my sister 1/2 of our furniture so the house is looking pretty sparse.  Hopefully we'll find the right pieces to make it a home soon!

Christian is adjusting well.  He still calls it "New House" everyday when I pick him up from school.  He's in a big boy bed now and doing pretty well.  5 nights out of 7 it's a struggle to get him to sleep.  It's my fault because I was a little too lenient with him the first week we were here.  I would let him go back and forth between his bed and "sissy's bed" until he started going back and forth to stall bedtime.  So now he cries most nights asking to go "night, night sissy's bed."

The past two weeks he has been doing very well with the potty.  He poops in the potty almost every day at school.  He doesn't do as well at home.  I don't think we're too far away from trying big boy undies with a plastic cover. Yay!

He says some of the cutest things now.  Every night at bed he says "Dinosaur get you." I say, "No.  There are no dinosaurs in the new house. Mommy won't let any dinosaurs get you."  He'll say, "Daddy won't let dinosaur get you either."  He's also very polite with his please and thank you's.  He fell down the stairs the other morning (he was ok) but he did cry for a while.  I was holding him and asked if he wanted some milk.  He sobbed, "No tank you."  Even in his distress he remembered his manners.

Tristan hit her first grand slam last week!  So exciting!  John takes C to some of her games now and he loves it.  He is always talking about sissy hitting the softball.

I'll try to have some pictures next time :)  I'm struggling these days!


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  1. Giving out half of your furniture to your sister only means more furniture shopping, and believe me, there is absolutely nothing more fun. Hahaha! Anyway, though the house was looking sparse back then, I'm sure it's filled with a lot more than new furniture now. I'll be looking forward to a home tour, Jaime. All the best! :)

    Joshua Duncan @ Focus Insurance Atlanta


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