Friday, May 23, 2014


C and I are headed to the beach in about.... 1 HOUR!  So this is going to be a short post.  We have been having a great summer so far and here is a
C's school pictures!  They all turned out so cute!  It was hard to choose.

We were in a furniture store and couldn't find C.  He was "working" behind this bed.  Give the boy some screws and a hole and he is content for a good 30 minutes!

They made me breakfast for Mother's Day.

C had his allergy testing and he is NOT allergic to nuts! Yay!

I bought this tray and put it on the ottoman.  I left the room for about 2 minutes and came back to find him sitting in it with no pants on.  He cracks me up!

James pushing C in the car.  They're so cute.

Emma and C eating Japanese food. He loved it!

Looking at the fish.

Still looking at the fish.  James and C had to do everything Emma did.

Sweet Godsiblings!

C has had a cold for the past week.  This morning he woke up and said he needed hot tea like Yia Yia.

He LOVED it!  Now he asks for it all of the time.

Daddy turned 37!  We went back to Japanese since he liked it so much with James and Emma.  He didn't do as well this time though and ended up crying for most of the dinner.  He was still sick and I think it was a little much for him.

Sesame Street Live! He had a great time!  It was an hour and a half and he was good for the first hour.  He started getting antsy that last 30 minutes but he was still way better than most of the kids there. 

Going to get his first cotton candy

He found Elmo!

Cotton Candy = Awesome!!

My "little garden" is getting bigger every day.  We have already harvested some arugula.  Yum!

The zucchini is blooming!
This is the first time I'm taking C to the beach without John.  Tristan has a tournament this weekend so Super Dad is staying here to support her.  I hope she does well and I REALLY hope C does well on this car ride!


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  1. Had so much fun with you and C that day. I'm pretty sure he didn't do as well the second time because he expected us to be there and we weren't. Haha


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