Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kids Are Funny

I can't tell you how much I laugh everyday just by having a toddler in the house.  He says some of the funniest things.  It's so funny to hear some of my sayings and mannerisms come out of that sweet boy.  It also brings to light a few things that I say maybe a little too often. 

For example, I must say "How about..." a lot.  Because C says it all of the time now! I'll say, "Eat your dinner." And he'll respond with, "How about a cookie?"  With the cutest little grin.  So I respond, "How about you eat your dinner?"  We go back and forth for a while.  Or I'll give him a cookie and he'll say, "How about two cookies?"  Haha.  Always pushing the limits. He also sings a lot.  We sing some songs that he learned at church.  His favorites right now are Hosanna, ABCs, Happy Birthday and Rock Baby Christian (to the tune of Rockabye baby.) 

With all of this fabulous weather we've had lately we have been pretty much living outside.  Here are some pics of our adventures!

At my sister's house petting the horses

Running through the pasture calling the cows

He's a cool dude

They play hard... they nap hard

1st trip to the pool this year

The next day we had to go again
We finally scheduled him to see an allergist.  His appointment is Wednesday.  We will finally know for sure if he's allergic to tree nuts :)

IUD update:  It has been 182 days since I got my IUD.  That is half a year.  I have bled for 161 of those days.  If you are considering an IUD please be aware that it is apparently normal to bleed for six months.  NORMAL?  If my doctor had told me that this was a possibility I would have reconsidered.  And now it has been longer than six months and the issue still hasn't corrected itself. Now I am contemplating having it removed.  Sigh.  It hurt so bad to get it I REALLY don't want to have it removed.


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