Saturday, June 21, 2014


We have been having a GREAT summer so far.  C finished his swim lessons last week.  He can't really swim but he will go under and loves to play in the pool.  He is a bundle of energy and swimming is a great way to get it out!

Emma and James came over to go swimming.  They love putting the chairs in the kiddie pool.
C loves to play guitar.  I guess I need to look up a few chords.
 We went to Chattanooga last weekend for one of Tristan's tournaments.  C loves to watch his Sissy play ball.  We also squeezed in a trip to the aquarium.  It was a fun weekend.

Doesn't he look like such a big boy at the ball field?

Spotting some fish

The card I got C and T to make for John.  So cute.
 It's pretty hard to take pictures at home these days because C wants to be naked.  But I do at least get a diaper on him when we have company.
Pop and Granna came over to play

So sweet
We gave Tristan the Jeep this week.  Watch out everybody.... she's mobile!  She hasn't gotten her license yet because she definitely needs some more practice.  I'm sure she'll be ready by the end of the summer though.  Kids these days don't seem as excited to start driving.  I couldn't wait!!!

Pool fun

His first ice cream cone.  I usually get it in a cup for him but I let him have a cone today. 

He also loves the ice cream man!  As soon as he hears the music he screams, "Get some honey for the ice cream man!"  (haha he can't say "money")

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