Saturday, July 26, 2014

Potty Training

C has been potty training since he wanted us to put him on the potty at 16 months.  But he would only go sporadically and definitely still needed to wear a diaper.  Well... that all changed about two weeks ago.  We decided to start really potty training and he is doing great!  He wears his big boy undies to school but I usually put a pull up on him when I pick him up.  I don't want him to have an accident in the car seat or at the grocery store.  He typically has 1-2 accidents per day which isn't too bad! He can pull down his pants, climb up on the potty, do his business, attempt to wipe, climb off the potty, pull his pants up, flush and wash his hands all by himself.  He's so independent!  He's also smart... a little too smart.  Since he knows how to do all of this he will sometimes tell us he has gone so he can get a gummy bear.  He is so adamant that he did go but I'm not so sure.

He also knows how to make me putty in his hands.  Tonight, he was fighting going to bed so I told him if he didn't lay down and go to sleep that I was going to leave him to go night-night by himself.  He didn't lay down so I left him in his room and you would have thought that he was never going to see me again.  He cried and cried.  So I told him to go lay down and I would come back into his room.  We laid there in silence and I thought he was almost asleep.  Then I heard a quiet, little voice say, "Don't leave me Mommy, ok?  Deal?"  Putty.  So I kissed him and said I would never leave, leave.  I might be gone for a little while but I always come back.  He was quiet for a little while and then he said, "Mommy?  Hold me." Putty.  He knows what he's doing. 

How can you deny this face??

Showing off his baklava.  He loves it!

Licking the last little bit of hummus off his plate.

Yesterday I surprised John with a stay-cation.  I asked my parents to pick C up from school and then he stayed the night with them.  John and I went for a hike, went out to lunch, did some shopping, and then had a lovely dinner.  Then I slept until 7:30!  Ahhhh!  We had a great time but I missed C.  It was the longest I had ever been away from him... 30 hours.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fast Forward

Life seems to be in fast forward these days.  I can't believe it is already July!  C is more of a big boy every day. He's back to his sugary sweet self now that those top 2 molars have popped out.  Every night at bedtime I kiss him goodnight and tell him I love him.  The he asks, "Does Daddy love me? Does Sissy love me? Does Granna love me? Does Pop love me? Does Yia Yia love me? Does Papou love me?..." and the list goes on and on.  Then he always finishes with, "Does Sissy love me?" even though he's already asked. He sure does love her.
He loves to take a shower

Mommy Emma putting her boys down for a nap

C showing Granna how to properly be a catcher

John and I had an impromptu date when my parents picked C up from school.  I got to meet him at Iron City to watch the USA vs Belguim game.

Another funny: When I picked him up from school yesterday he asked, "Mommy, did you go to work and make some money?"  I said Yes and then he said, "OH!! Thank you!!" in such an enthusiastic tone.  So cute.

He started a new school on June 30th. He seems to really like it! He only went Mon - Wed and then we went to the beach for July 4th weekend.

C loved swimming in the ocean

He got pretty brave and wanted John to let go of him a few times.

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend

About to go for a ride on the boat.  
He is doing great with his swimming!  He loves to "swim under water." He'll get in the kiddie pool and walk on his hands from one side to the other with his face under water.  He's not REALLY swimming but he thinks he is.

Tristan was recruited by a high profile travel softball team.  She finally decided to switch this past week and it has turned out great!  She played really well with the new team.  She got to throw a couple of girls out, she hit a home run and she got along well with the other girls.  It was a large tournament that they played in Colorado and they won!  So proud of her!


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