Sunday, November 9, 2014

Disney World!

 Where does the time go?  I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted.  A LOT has happened so I'll do a picture post.

We had professional pictures taken.  They turned out so well!
My little slice of heaven

Such a beautiful girl

My sweet boy
John and I took a weekend trip Sea Island.  It was our first time away from C for more than 24 hours but there was no need to worry.  He had a great time with Granna and Pop.
Our gorgeous view from the Club House
 The next weekend we went to Disney World!! It was just a short trip but we packed a lot in during our 4 days there.

He met Lilo
The teacups
Bunny Ears

He's now 40" tall so he got to ride Soarin.' Loved it!
Our last day there(Monday) I started feeling sick.  It came on quickly and by the time we got on the plane to come home I was really not doing well.  I made an appointment to see the doctor the next morning but by that time I was really, really sick.  Temp was 104.5 and I could barely get out of bed.  John had to come home and take me to the doctor and I had strep which turned it to scarlet fever. I got some meds and was feeling a good bit better by Thursday. 

BUT - Thursday, C had an accident at school right before I picked him up.  He fell and bit through his lip.  It was terrible!  I do not do well under extreme circumstances.  He was crying, there was blood everywhere, there were 5 or 6 teachers all staring at me and waiting for me to tell them what to do.  To them I'm sure I appeared frozen.  However, all of this was going on in my brain:  Where is Children's Hospital, what street, do I know how to get there, is part of his lip missing, do we need to find it, is he going to bleed to death sitting in the back seat by himself, Mom guilt! - why didn't I get here 5 minutes earlier, this wouldn't have happened... NO, we can't go spiraling down that rabbit hole right now... they're all staring at me waiting for me to say something, how long have I been standing here?  Finally, his lead teacher asked if I needed some help.  Well obviously I need some help!!  Thankfully we worked out that she would drive my car there, I would sit in the back with C and the director would follow us.  John wasn't answering his phone and I was barely keeping it together.  I finally got him after we were called back to a room but then I knew I had to keep it together another 30 min until he got there.  Meanwhile, C was such a trooper.  He barely cried on the way to the ER.  The only time he cried was when someone wanted to touch him.  Right before he got the stitches he was actually even chuckling.  Such a brave boy. 

Right before they put him out to do the stitches
I sure do hope that sweet mouth doesn't scar.  Part of his lip was not missing so it was a pretty clean wound.  They said he should be back to normal in a few days.  His lip will probably heal before my heart though!  That was tough on this ole mama!


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