Saturday, January 31, 2015

2 Weeks Post PRK

Things are going pretty smoothly for the eyes.  They feel great and I only have a little light sensitivity.  I still have a good bit of blurriness though.  I know they are better than they were a week ago but it's slow progress.  I can't wait for clear vision again.  I would say it's a little bit better than before I had the surgery without my glasses.  The weird thing is that before the surgery if I got closer to something I could see it more clearly.  That's not the case right now.  Even if something is really close it's still a little bit blurry.

I have been sick since Tuesday and I'm sure that's not helping my progress.  I had the bright idea of trying the nettipot.  If you are wondering what happens when you pour saline up a completely blocked nostril... the answer is, the water (and mucus) will try to come out of your tear duct into your eyeball.  It is GROSS and burns.  Don't try it!

C and John are both doing great.  C had this cold a couple of weeks ago but he's much better now.  Some funny things he says nowadays:

We fight about who loves who more.  He'll say, "I love you more! Now that's enough! I don't want to hear another word about it!"  Too cute.
He loves power rangers and karate kicks and chops like they do.
At the park today: He said, "Excuse me little boy" to a 4 year old.  That kid said, "I'm not little, I'm 4!  You're little!"  In Christian's mind he is at least 8.
He is definitely in the "Why" phase.  I hear "Why?" at least 1,000 times/day.
I CANNOT believe he is going to be three next week!

Tristan is doing well too.  She bought her prom dress today.  She starts softball practice for school in two weeks.

My boys

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