Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 4

I must admit that after days 1 & 2 had gone so well I was beginning to get pretty high on myself. I thought I was one tough cookie and this PRK was a piece of cake. That is until day 3 came and punched me in the... well it punched me in the eyes is what it did. I woke up at 2am with fire bursting from eyeballs. What fresh hell is this?!  How had I gone from very little pain to this? Immediately tears started streaming down my face. I wasn't really crying, not voluntarily anyway. I tried using the numbing drops but they just flowed right out with the tears. I then remembered the pain pills I man armed my Dr into giving me. I fumbled to the kitchen and turned on the light. I was blinded by the brightness of a thousand suns and immediately turned it back off. Luckilythey were in a target pharmacy bottle which is very different from the other bottles. After that, tears flowed from my eyes for hours but I think I slept some. The rest of day 3 was spent in my room, curtains drawn and eyes closed.

Day 4 started much better. I woke up and could see quite clearly for about 3 seconds. The light sensitivity is the worst part but I don't feel a ton of pain anymore. Just watering eyes and what feels like an eyelash stuck in there. I have had several other moments of clarity but mostly somewhat blurry. I'm looking forward to having the contacts removed tomorrow. I think they are causing most of the pain.


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