Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I have decided to have corrective eye surgery... PRK to be exact.  It's a bit different than LASIK.  LASIK cuts a flap in your eye, uses a laser to correct vision and then puts the flap back.  (Excuse me while I gag a second.) PRK completely removes the flap and it has to grow back.  The recovery time is a lot longer with PRK but I'm not a candidate for LASIK.  I'm a bit nervous but also really excited not to wear glasses anymore.

My doctor was pretty nonchalant about the pain and recovery time so I took to Google to set the record straight.  I found a lot of PRK recovery timelines that people blogged about and they really helped me.  I'm one of those people who would rather prepare for the worst and be pleasantly surprised if it's not so bad.  Unfortunately, most of my doctors have sugar coated my procedures.  Then I'm caught off guard when there's excessive pain or symptoms I wasn't expecting. 

Most of the timelines I read had the same symptoms for the first week post surgery... vision was very blurry, severe dry eyes, burning and stinging and severe light sensitivity.  Then a lot of people had double vision, ghosting, dry eye and halos for up to 3 months post surgery.

Since I have found so much comfort in others timelines I have decided to write my own.  Join me on my journey to clear vision!

Last pic with glasses!

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