Sunday, February 8, 2015

3rd Birthday

Christian turned 3 Friday!  THREE!!  How did that happen?  He's also 3 going on 10.  He seems so much older.  He's so sweet and funny and smart and athletic and... perfect.  He's just perfect.

His stats at 3 years old
Height: 40 1/2 inches (96%)
Weight: 35 lbs (80%)
Shoe Size: 10
He's fully potty trained and has been for a while.
He loves everything big boy: power rangers, TMNT, star wars, super heroes

The doctor said that since he's so tall at three it's a pretty good indicator that he'll be tall as an adult.  We also discussed how big his tonsils are and how he snores and has labored breathing when he sleeps.  We've been referred to an ENT and she's pretty sure they'll recommend to remove his tonsils and adenoids.  Poor fella.  I hope this helps his breathing and his sleeping.  He has never been a good sleeper.  She also said they could be the reason his speech is a bit delayed.   He's pretty nasally and doesn't enunciate very well.  He knows words that you wouldn't think a three year would know but he doesn't pronounce them correctly.  His Ks come out as Ts and he drops the S at the beginning of words... Peakers instead of Speakers. I can understand about 90% of what he says but I think strangers might have a hard time.
He was such a big boy at the doctor.  The nurse pricked his finger and he didn't even flinch.  He was so curious about what she was doing.  He just wanted to watch and ask her all about what she was doing and WHY?  That's his word of choice these days... why.

He's a bit too big for his costume but he's still rocking it!

Showing his muscles

His school party.  He picked his little friend, Sophie, to be his sun.

Opening his birthday present at the doctor's office.  He got a power rangers costume.

Picnic in the park

3 weeks and 4 days post PRK - I'm seeing fairly well now.  Sometimes I don't even notice it.  When I went to the doctor last week I was seeing 20/25 in both eyes.  So they're almost there but I'm still on steroid drops.  He said that once I stop those I would get that last little bit of clarity.  That's what I'm missing right now... sharpness.


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